Face And Body Glitter Dust Shimmer Highlighter Spray


Face and Body Glitter Dust Spray Liquid Highlighter Makeup Bronzer Shimmer Shine Ultra-Smooth Radiant Bright Powder Airbag Face Body Lip Glitter Powder Contour Dust Highlighters. 

A romantic bright shimmer spray. The perfume spray bottle gives the blend its fresh quality. This glitter dust spray conveniently adds glam to any look! It is very eye-catching so make sure to apply it in the spots that need emphasis. When light hits on the powder, it reflects, making that area more noticeable. The shine gives an illusion of plumpness, giving depth to certain areas, like the crease of an eyelid or the collar bone. A spray of this glitter dust is a great way to add just the right shimmer. Spray more to enhance the level of sparkle.

  • Powder Formulation
  • Bronzer & Highlighter
  • Long-Lasting
  • NET WT: 8g