Step Up Your Game Hoop Earrings

Metal Color
Gold - 5.5cm
Gold - 6.8cm
Gold - 7.8cm
Gold - 8.5cm
Gold - 9.5cm
Silver - 5.5cm
Silver - 6.8cm
Silver - 7.8cm
Silver - 8.5cm
Silver - 9.5cm
Multicolor - 5.5cm
Multicolor - 7.8cm
Multicolor - 9.5cm
Black - 5.5cm
Black - 7.8cm
Black - 8.8cm
AB Gold - 5.5cm
AB Gold - 7.8CM
AB Gold - 8.8cm
AB Silver - 5.5CM
AB Silver - 7.8cm
AB Silver - 8.8cm
Pearls Gold - 5.5cm
Pearls Gold - 7.8cm
Pearls Gold - 8.8cm
Pearls Silver - 5.5cm
Pearls Silver - 7.8cm
Pearls Silver - 8.8cm
Square - 7.5cm
Square Gold - 7.5cm
Square Silver - 7.5cm

Stunning Rhinestone Gems Hoop Earrings Big Hoop Earrings for Women Fashion Jewelry Bohemian Girls' Circle Collection Earrings Accessories

Embellished with clusters of crystal rhinestones, these round and square hoop earrings will illuminate your look in blinding sparkles of simulated diamonds. Keep you shimmering pretty and never go out of style with these cubic zirconia channel set hoop earrings.

  • Rhinestone, Pearl, and Gem Detail
  • Zinc Alloy Material 
  • Round and Square Hoop
  • Size: 72mm * 45mm