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A TGC Boutique model, woman with long, wet black hair lies on a light surface, wearing a strappy beige top and matching pants.



Close-up of a pair of glossy red knee-high boots with pointed toes and stiletto heels. The boots have a ruched design and feature a side zipper. The text "TGC HEELS" is prominently displayed at the bottom of the image.
Two women in matching printed bikinis pose confidently. The woman on the left has curly light brown hair, and the woman on the right has long dark hair. Text reads "TGC SWIM."
A woman with long, wavy brown hair wears a stylish white knit set with pearl embellishments. She poses confidently against a neutral background. The text "TGC SETS" is prominently displayed at the bottom of the image.
A woman with wavy brown hair and sunglasses wears a beige and brown striped sweater paired with black pants. She poses confidently against a neutral background. The text "TGC TOPS" is displayed at the bottom.
Close-up of a hand with long, manicured nails featuring a pink base and white geometric tips. The text "TGC NAILS" is prominently displayed at the bottom of the image.
Promotional banner featuring three models in TGC Luxe collection. On the left, a woman in a strapless brown dress. Center, a woman in a black dress with sparkling straps. Right, a woman in a gold and black striped dress. Text reads "TGC LUXE" and "SHOP NOW."
Model reclining in green glitter leggings with "TGC ACTIVE" branding and a "SHOP NOW" call-to-action.


A woman models a stylish blazer dress in three different poses: front view, side view, and a version styled as a mini dress. The blazer features intricate blue and white patterns, paired with black pants in two poses and worn as a dress in the third.

Dress and Blazer Combos: Your New Secret Style Weapon

Unleash the power of the blazer dress with TGC Boutique! Whether you're bossing it up in the boardroom or sipping cocktails at happy hour, our blazer dresses are your secret weapon for styl...

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 The Magic of Coachella Valley Two women in holographic outfits, smiling, posing for pictures at a festival with tents in the background.

Where It All Happens: The Magic of Coachella Valley

Journey into the heart of Coachella Valley with TGC Boutique and uncover the magical moments that make this more than just a music festival. From the sun-kissed mountains to the vibrant festival fa...

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Two women in holographic outfits walk hand-in-hand at an outdoor festival with palm trees and tents in the background.

Coachella 2024 Lineup Fashion Guide

Unleash the ultimate Coachella 2024 style with TGC Boutique. Whether you’re swaying to Lana Del Rey or bouncing with Doja Cat, discover how to sync your fashion with the festival’s eclectic music v...

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