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Article: 10 Best Makeup Tips for Older Women

Best Makeup Tips for Older Women 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks

10 Best Makeup Tips for Older Women

Best Makeup Tips for Older Women, 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks

Getting older always means having more challenges, but looking good should not be one of them. Numerous makeup tricks could make a huge difference in how you look especially if you are a woman over 50. But knowing everything would really take a lot of time hence, It might be difficult to find the best beauty tips for older women because there are so many different opinions. However, there are some tips that have been proven to work well. For example, you should use a foundation that has more coverage and less shine. You should also use a lighter shade of lipstick to make your lips appear fuller and younger-looking. This article will provide you the best of the best makeup tips for older women to still look astonishing despite having mature skin. Thus, below are the 10 tips taken from the greatest lists of various professional makeup artists. best makeup for older women

Best Makeup Tips for Older Women, 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks

Some words to live by, spoken by inspirational women

"The ultimate beauty tip is to have a sense of humor and laugh every day."

-- Lucille Ball

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."

-- Audrey Hepburn

"I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond."

-- Marilyn Monroe


1. Primer first

Putting primer on before foundation is so important if you want to have a perfect looking face. It also makes your skin color more even which leads to better makeup. However, there are different types depending on your skin features so make sure you buy the right one for best results.




2. Test the makeups before applying

Testing all your makeup before applying them would really help you achieve a younger and amazing look.

The more you try out your makeup, the more knowledge you can gain on what colors work best for your skin tone. This way, when it comes to applying makeup for a night out with friends, you'll know exactly what colors will look good on you.

When trying out cosmetics, avoid swiping them on your hands - you'll end up with messy fingers. The best way is to just dab them onto your fingers. If you happen to swipe lipstick on your thumb, use the other colored finger as a concealer or to blend away any imperfections There's no need to wipe the tester across your face because it's unsanitary and unrealistic. Just apply the tester product onto similar areas on your skin as where you would eventually use it.



3. Apply the right foundation for a mature skin

After priming your skin and testing your makeup, you can now start applying your foundation. But you must be aware that foundations give different results depending on the skin type. Therefore, if you already have mature skin, you must use a lightweight foundation, CC cream, or BB cream to obtain a more natural look that will stay for the whole day!

  • BB creams

These contain two essential products in one, such as concealer and SPF, are ideal for those who don't want much coverage. That's because they are really for protecting and maintaining your skin - not covering it up. They provide hydration to keep the skin looking healthy, firm it to make it look firmer and help protect against environmental factors.

  • CC creams

CC creams are lighter than foundations, but still have more coverage than BB creams. They also provide benefits for mature skin. They are great because they can even out your skin tone and provide some benefits for the complexion

  • Foundations

Foundations are thicker than BB or CC creams and give much more coverage. They cover small blemishes, even skin tone and add a slight warmth to the skin. Foundations come in a much wider range of different shades for suit every type of skin tone.

A foundation that has more pigment will contain more powder than other formulas. This can make mature skin feel and look dry, whereas a lighter formula or moisturizing formula will give it that dewy glow!

However, if you just can't give up your beloved full coverage foundation, make sure to always use a moisturizer and primer beforehand to provide a smooth base. 

Always test foundations on the jawline, not the back of your hand. It needs to be close to your natural skin tone but it doesn't need to be an exact match as long as you make it work seamlessly



How To Apply Foundation?

Invest in some good makeup tools. Sponges are easier to use, but brushes will help your foundation last longer. Applying the right techniques and tools is what'll make your base flawless & that's why it's vital to own the perfect products. Apply your foundation to the center of your face and work outwards to blend with your jawline.


 Older women looking beautiful and classic - Best Makeup Tips for Older Women, 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks



4. Put your skincare outward and upward

It's a good idea to use products that promote anti-aging. The use of serums, oils & creams can counteract signs of aging such as deep expression lines and saggy skin. Once applied, it can really get blood flowing and allows the ingredients in the product to be quickly absorbed.. Begin with the base of your neck and run upwards to the jawline. From chin to ears, sweep outward the jawline beneath the nose and cheekbones then blend eye cream from the inner eye to the nose. By doing this procedure, you are subtly lifting your face as you massage it up and out.




5. Use a makeup sponge to add moisture

Makeup sponges actually suck up more makeup compared to fingers. Thus, when you use makeup sponges for the application of your makeup, then you will run out of stock quickly. That is why it is important to note that these sponges are best advised to be used in adding moisture to your face, and not the makeup. Just simply put the makeup sponge under warm water, remove the excess water by squeezing it, and dab to your face over the makeup to fill out the lines for a smoother foundation look.

Why You should put your concealer on after you're done your foundation?

If your goal is to keep blemishes or dark circles under your eyes hidden, apply some coverage after you've applied your foundation, BB creams or CC creams. For maximum coverage of these problem areas, here are our tips:

  • That way you'll only use what you need and it will . Otherwise you'll end up wasting too much product and it still won't look as natural.
  • Choosing the wrong concealer can backfire and it will activate your eye wrinkles. Make sure you use a product that has been specially formulated for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Concealers for blemishes are a thicker formula. They won't give that natural look that you're going for.
  • Dot a little concealer at the inner corner of your eye and use your ring finger to blend outward in a triangle shape. These not only provide coverage but they help to deflect the attention of others away from the areas you don't want them.



6. Brow makeup should always be before the eye makeup

Unless you have micro bladed or tattoed your eyebrows, you need to make sure your brows will stand out. Extending and filling your brows before putting in eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara will make your eye area have a bigger and brand-new frame. Just make sure you get to apply the perfect shade that complements your hair. One or two shades lighter if you have dark hair while one or two shades darker if you have lighter hair.

Women's face zoom on eyebrow - Best Makeup Tips for Older Women, 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks



7. Apply your eyeliner in a strategic manner

It is very important that you understand that an auto-pilot will not work in applying eyeliner. You must be sure to place it correctly and make each line thick enough. Your eyeliner must depend on the occasion you are in for example: lower lids and rim upper to emphasize the eye shape; line the lash roots and upper lid as well as the waterline to bring out a deeper eye; use brown or gray eyeliner for a softer look; widen the upper lid liner slightly at the outer end to lift the eyes; and in order to cancel out redness, you can also line the lower waterline with a beige eye pencil. There are, however, more options available for different styles and goals that depend on your needs.



8. Make a new eyelid ridge

Your eyes are still beautiful even if they age but when they become saggy, deep, or hooded, they’d probably mug your lids. Thus, putting an emphasis on the diminishing and droopy overhang eye shape and size. When you apply makeup, you should sometimes forget the old rule of using a lighter eyeshadow on the lid and deeper contour color. Instead, go for a darker color on the eyelids with a moderate shade and blend them from the eyelash line over and up your crease to expand above it. It will create an illusion that extends the lash to crease space and pushes back droopy overhang to make your eyes look stronger and bigger.



9. Most makeup coverage is in the center of your face

Do not be obsessed with your cheeky brown spots because no one is actually noticing them. Always begin at your nose bridge and its surrounding area since this is the zone where dark circles, redness, enlarged pores, and broken capillaries require coverage. Put your beauty cream or foundation in the center and blend it outward towards the jaw, ears, and hairlines, flinching the texture as you go. For the 2nd round, run over the same area and brush in a back-and-forth gesture your foundation just like painting a wall. It will force the skin and makeup to blend together seamlessly instead of reclining on top.

Older women looking into a mirror - Best Makeup Tips for Older Women, 10 Skincare Tips And Tricks



10. Use powder in a restricted manner

Even if you suffer from oily skin, you should, if possible, avoid using a powder. The powder can drip into the creases and lines of the face so if there is really a need for it then keep in a sparing amount. Only apply it in the area around the T-zone where the oil can settle.



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Loved the part with putting your concealer on after you’re done your foundation – especially when you get older, that is a light bulb moment for me, thank you guys




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