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Article: Conclusive Guide To Wearing Makeup With Glasses


Conclusive Guide To Wearing Makeup With Glasses


Best Makeup Tips If You Wear Glasses

If you’re fed up with glasses ruining your makeup and your makeup ruining your glasses, You've probably hate the moment when you realize your glasses are covered in makeup or flaking mascara on your lenses and mismatched makeup on your glasses? Tired of it all? we get it.

There is no doubt that makeup is one of the biggest blessings when it comes to hiding the imperfections or insecurities of your skin. When applied, your makeup is also widely successful in highlighting, defining and accentuating your best features.

Whether you prefer a full face of makeup or just a natural look with some mascara and eyeliner, you'll find out that glasses can often mess with your perfect look

When you wear makeup while also wearing glasses, it's not always an easy process. You have to make sure your makeup still looks perfect and that you're not having to do touch-ups all day long. Want to know more about these makeup tricks? keep reading. We’re giving you the must know makeup tips for wearing makeup with glasses.




Do some contouring.

Your eyeglasses may cast some shadows on the area of your eyes hence the most important thing to do is to lighten up that specific part of your face. Apply a lighter foundation on the surrounding area of your eyes as well as your nose. This tip is pretty simple but will surely be effective and if you want to take your look to the next level, try adding a bronzer shade on the side of your nose, cheekbones, and upper side of your forehead.


Apply foundation sparingly.

The most common issues of wearing foundation while having eyeglasses are the red marks, dents, and scuffs that the bridge and nose pad of the glasses left. That is why if you apply a thicker layer of foundation, the more obvious it becomes. “Complete your foundation with quite matte on the bridge of the nose where your glasses sit or they’ll slip around and rub off any makeup,” says the specs-wearer fashion editor Charlie Teather. Only apply what’s left-over to your nose in order to have a lighter coverage and pinpoint some concealer on the areas that need more extra coverage.


Take advantage of your concealer.

Since your eyeglasses could cast an extra shadow around the area of your eyes, you need to lighten up that part. You can use a foundation but too much of it can become an issue. Hence, the best bet to brighten up the extra coverage is by applying a light-reflecting concealer to oppose the shadows and neutralize the discoloration.





Always consider your brows.

It is best advised that you always keep your brows clean and ensure that its shape matches the style and size of your eyeglasses. Your brows become less or more prominent depending on the frames of your eyeglasses. If they are delicate, thin, and more rounded, your eyebrows will certainly be emphasized. But if your frames are thicker and more rectangular, you won’t be able to see them so there’s no need to put some extra effort into making it neat and groomed.


Check your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

The best way to highlight the eyes is through an eyeliner. Whether you are adding an illusion for extra volume or emphasizing your almond-shaped eyes, the same rules shall apply when it comes to complementing it with your eyeglass frames.

If you want to avoid looking bug-eyed, then keep your eyeliner smokier and darker especially on the waterline area, as the lenses will surely magnify things. But if your eyeglasses make your eyes look a little bit smaller, then widen your eyes with a cat-eyed winged liner and some nude eyeliner on the waterline. You must also stick to a brighter eyeshadow such as adding a pale brown or champagne shade.


Highlight your eyes.

If you think that the best thing to do with your eyes when you’re wearing eyeglasses is to keep it simple, well, you must think again. Just for you to be aware, striking and bold eye makeup is indeed a perfect complement for your eyeglasses. You can attain it by utilizing your eyeliner and taking the eye-catching eyeshadow color. However, the shade should always depend on the color and style of your frame to avoid a messy look.



Put some shimmer on your lids.

One good thing about wearing eyeglasses is that they can make your eyes look bigger. So another tip in giving them more emphasis other than putting eyeliner and eyeshadow is to add some shimmer on the lower lid of your eyes. This simple tip will genuinely make your eyes more noticeable and can easily direct people’s attention to your pretty and adorable eyes.


Bring out those cheekbones.

Another good thing to consider when wearing eyeglasses is that they could highlight different attractive features of your face, including your cheekbones. And if you want to highlight it even more, you can either put some light foundation or highlighter around your cheekbones to make your face look thinner than ever!


Curl your eyelashes.

Most women who wear eyeglasses are also afraid to wear mascara since it might get messy and smudge up their glasses thus, ruining their complete look. Luckily, there is a simple yet very effective way of safely making eyelashes curly and more extended, that is, thru the help of an eyelash curler. You can also use waterproof mascara if your lashes are pretty long to prevent any smearing over your specs for the rest of the day.


Aim for smoky eyes.

Just because you’re wearing eyeglasses doesn’t mean you can’t pull off that smokey eye-look. Well, attaining smoky eyes is actually feasible. All you have to do is double your liner to be more noticeable through your eyeglasses. And that’s it, you will be seamlessly amazed at how good those smokey eyes are with glasses on!




Gloss over your lips.

The general rule of applying makeup when someone’s wearing eyeglasses is to accentuate either the eyes or the lips, but it must never be both. If your glasses have dramatic flare and you’d like to combine it with a dramatic eyeshadow, then you should downplay your lips. Just go for a neutral shade of lipstick or a lip gloss will do well.


Don’t forget the blush.

Aside from highlighting your cheekbones, another way to emphasize that area of your face is to add some color through putting on a blush. However, it is best that you choose the powdered one so that it won’t easily grease up your glasses. You can also select the pink shade and smear it on the apples of your cheeks for a more natural look.

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