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Article: Why You Should Choose Press On Nails?


Why You Should Choose Press On Nails?


What Are Press On Nails?

Press On Nails are an alternative to nail polish and gel nails. They are made of a thin, flexible plastic that is cut into small pieces and then applied onto the nail.

Nail polish can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming to apply to the nails. Press On Nails solve these problems while still giving a polish effect.

Press On Acrylic is an innovative, easy to use product that you can apply in minutes, It requires no dry time and can be removed quickly. It's perfect for anyone who is looking for a quick fix or to jazz up their nails for a night out on the town.

Without the use of glue, gel, or polish. Press-on nails are also popular because they're the easiest way to keep your nails looking salon perfect

I tried countless ways in which my nails might be cute without having to pay hundreds every singe month, from regular polish, gel manicures or painting it myself, and none of those come close to the benefits of press-on nails.

Gone are the times where press on nails look basic and clearly fake. As a busy woman, I sometimes don’t have time to sit hours in a salon and wait to be serviced, nor the time it takes to be serviced! We live in a world that likes getting things done fast,  fast food, fast dating, fast workouts, get things done and be on the go 



I hosted an event about a month ago, and i had a LOT to do, so I didn't have time to get my nails done on top of everything. About an hour before guests started arriving, i opened a set of long press on nails, matched the nails to my fingernails in about 30 seconds and used the glue that comes with to glue it on perfectly! 

it literarily took me 5 minutes to get the prefect look for the evening.

Let that sink in...

To say i was happy with the results, is defiantly an understatement! i gave them a good pull or 17 just to make sure their not going to fall off, i even tried to peel off the edges to see how easily it can come off, but those babies ware on to stay!

I got showered with compliments on my nails and once I mentioned they were press ons, people didn't believe me!

Before we get into the benefits, I do want to address the longevity of them. With my experience, they lasted up to 2 weeks, counting on if I'm doing things that need work or am not gentle. But needless to mention, the very fact that they last up to 2 weeks is huge because it gives your nails time to breathe, unlike other options. Just plop a drop at the tip and at the bottom of your natural nail and drop that nail right top. Press down on it firmly for a couple of seconds while the glue dries, and you're basically done.” Boom Waalah! Follow those instructions and you're good go!



The biggest difference between these two products is that Press On Acrylic is easier to remove when you are done with your design.


  • They Don’t Damage Your Nails

Underneath a press on is a healthy nail. It’s not yellow weak nails like what you get with acrylic and gel. If you pop a nail, you’re not in risk for bleeding or cracking your real nails. If a press on nail falls off, guess what? You can glue it back on! Plus the nail growing underneath them, won’t get damaged.

  • They are cheaper than other options

that take up your time and money. You can save between $100- $300 a month with press-on nails, and you don't have waist the time and gas getting to the nail salon twice a month for fill ins if you have acrylic. 

  •  Super Easy to put on and take off

-You only need to use the right amount of glue and make sure you use nails that perfectly fit your nail bed, otherwise it won’t look real. To take off, you'll either soak them in hot water for 10 minutes or acetone and that they will slide off. This helps maintain a healthy nail.

  •  They don’t chip or lose their sparkle

-no matter what you do, the design and color will last. You can take them off and put them back on, with no problem of chipping.

  •  You look more professional

-whether we like it or not ladies,(NOT!) we are still, judged by our appearance and our nails are one of them. If your nails aren’t done, people's judgie eyes will be on you. If you've got 3 nails that are chipped or broke off, and you don’t have time to travel to the nail salon, people will judge you even more. Press on nails saves you from this.

  •  You could be preventing labor trafficking.

According to The New York Times, “The women begin to arrive just before 8 a.m., every day and without fail, until there are thickets of young Asian and Hispanic women on nearly every street corner along the main roads of Flushing, Queens..” So when thinking about it, our favorite nail technician might be brought here, to the US against their will and the only way to go back is to make enough money. They typically and probably don’t receive the money for the service they provide, so you could be a part of the problem. Furthermore, they mentioned, “with nail salons, as an example , the labor trafficking of Asian women, you'll have those women being labor trafficked to figure in those salons during the day, then pulled into sex trafficking in the dark .” there's more to be said on this subject , especially regarding sex trafficking but that’s for a special blog. It’s all hidden in plain sight and you’ll never know because they can’t tell you, it might put their lives in danger. So we will either be an answer or a contribution to the solution.

Press on nails offer you the design of salon quality without having to travel to the salon, plus they're safe for your nails and even for the community where trafficking is at an all time high. Now that you simply have the advantages of not getting to the salon, what are you getting to do about it going forward?


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