Professional Powder Foundation Eyeshadow Makeup Brush set - 15 Pcs

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15 pcs Colorful Synthetic Hair Professional Powder Foundation Blush Contour Blending Highlight Shader Concealer Blending Eyeshadow Pencil Detail Eyebrow Makeup Brush Set 

This colorful matte makeup brush set is made of soft hair that is rich and dense, that the hair peak is slender and soft. Its touch does not irritate the skin and the powder is easily attached to it.

It is also has a unique brush handle, its brush rod is made of synthetic resin material with soft colors and easy to clean. It's also made of thick aluminum material that is wear-resistant and not easy to deform. The touch of matte color paint sprayed on it is repeated multiple times to make the delicate color even.

The brush has a moderate thickness which is comfortable to handle when applying makeup.

  • Soft Nylon Brush Material
  • Colorful Matte Design
  • 19.2 cm Length
  • Aluminum Handle